Exciting Changes for KHS

KHS would like to congratulate two of its own, Dr. Ed Acevedo and Dr. Joann Richardson, as they transition into new leadership roles here at VCU.  Dr. Acevedo, who has been the Department Chair for KHS since 2006, was appointed to serve as the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies for the College of Humanities and Sciences.  This news was accompanied by Dr. Joann Richardson’s transition into the role of Interim Department Chair for KHS.  Having been with VCU since 1998, Dr. Richardson already serves as Director of Undergraduate Studies as well as the Program Coordinator for both Health Sciences and Community Health Education for the Department.

Upon accepting these new positions, both Drs. Acevedo and Richardson renew their dedication to VCU and her students.  We hope you will join us as we celebrate their years of service and accomplishment, while also wishing them the best in their new roles.

For more information about Drs. Acevedo and Richardson, checkout our faculty pages.