KHS and the 2015 UCI Road World Championships

From September 19th through the 27th, Richmond is hosting the 2015 UCI Road World Championships.  This exciting event brings world-class bike racing to the heart of VCU’s campus, and provides KHS students, faculty, and staff members with a number of opportunities to join-in on the action.  Here in the Department  we are already gearing up for the World Championships:

Online Courses

Dr. Lee Franco is teaching a special topics online course which corresponds with the races: “Bike Athlete Performance” (33483 UNIV 291 Sec 032).  This course allows students to explore the nutritional and training practices of cyclists competing in the UCI Worlds.

Exclusive Interviews

This interview with former professional cyclist, Christian Vande Velde, is the first in a series of interviews that addresses the broad topic of “Sports Science for Cycling: From Racing to Weekend Touring” and coincides with the Richmond 2015 UCI World Road Cycling Championships. The interviews are conducted by Dr. Ed Acevedo, Chair of the VCU Kinesiology and Health Sciences Department, in collaboration with Dr. Lee Franco and Molly Ransone from the VCU ALT Lab.