Frequently Asked Questions About Overrides


Q: What should I do if I want to register for a non-HPEX course (i.e. PHIS 206) and it is closed/full?

A: Contact the department (i.e. Department of Physiology and Biophysics) of the course in question by simply using the VCU search engine. Each department handles courses that are full differently, and contacting them will ensure you receive accurate information and improve your chances of possibly getting into the course.

Q: Does the Department of Health and Human Performance give size overrides for courses that are full?

A: The Department does not grant size overrides for HPEX courses. The Department feels confident that if students meet with their assigned advisor prior to registration each semester that every student should be able to enroll in preferred courses. The advisor will give the student additional options, and if a preferred course does fill up and close the student has other courses to register for. Students are encouraged to aggressively check e-services during registration and the add/drop period for courses that may open up due to other students dropping it.

Q: I have previously taken or am currently taking prerequisites (i.e.; BIOL 141 & BIOL 142) for a specific course (i.e; HPEX 375) somewhere else (i.e; community college) and they are not on my transcripts. How can I register for the HPEX course I need.

A: You need to send an official transcript to the Transfer Center (Hibbs Hall, 2nd Floor) so the course can be added to your VCU transcripts. In the meantime the Department can issue you a prerequisite override so you can register for the course. However, if that prerequisite is not on your transcript by the beginning of the semester you will be dropped for the course.

Q: How do I get a prerequisite override?

A: You must contact your assigned advisor and provide them with an unofficial transcript showing that you have previously taken or are currently taking the prerequisite course in question. This must be done in person at BLDG. 500 Academic Center.