KHS Faculty Created A Helpful Infographic on How To Stay Healthy During the Stay-At-Home Order

April 30, 2020

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Keep calm and stay healthy during COVID-19

1. Keep active

  • Stand up - Interupt sitting every 30 minutes. Use a high table or box to work standing.
  • Stretch - 1 - 2 times daily, focus on your neck, lower back and thigh muscles.
  • Active Breaks - Take active breaks in bouts >10 minutes. Walk, dance or do some house work.
  • Home Workouts - Try resistance exercise workouts with your body weights or home alternatives (e.g., bands, cans, gallon containers).

2. Mental Health

  • Limit Your Stress - Limit reading or listening to news and social media coverage that you perceive as upsetting.
  • Connect - Virtually connect with your loved ones or others in similar circumstances. Enjoy unrelated COVID-19 conversations.
  • Shift Perspective - Reframe nagative self statements. Focus on positive thoughts, specifically those that you can control.
  • Be Prepared - Have a plan for your mental health needs. Speak to your healthcare worker if you are ovewhelmed, abnormally anxious or depressed.

3. Eat Well

  • Switch Your Fats - Switch saturated fats (e.g., animal fats, butter, tropical oils) with unsaturated fats (e.g., fatty fish, nuts & avocados, olive oil, canola oil).
  • Watch The Salt - Boredom snacking? Watch your salt intake. Aim to eat less than 1 teaspoon of salt per day.
  • Antioxidants - Antioxidants from fruits & vegetables may be beneficial during periods or prolonged sitting.
  • Plan - Plan and prepare your week's means. Helps to reduce food waste and make fewer grocery trips. 

4. Frontline Workers

  • Hydrate - Drink refulary. Ensure your passed urine is a color of 3 or less on the chart
  • Sleep - Try to get at least 6 hours of good sleep per day
  • Caffeine - Moderate caffeine consumption can help to combat fatigue
  • Support System - Set up a support system. Monitor stress, mood & anxiety. Implement stress management strategies.