KHS undergraduate student received a Research Fellowship from the American Physiological Society

April 1, 2021

Linsey Martin, a Junior in the KHS department with a concentration in Exercise Science received a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship from the American Physiological Society that includes a $4,000 stipend. Under the direction of Dr. Danielle KirkmanLinsey will work on a research project entitled "Vascular Function in Liver Transplant Patients: The Role of Fibroblast Growth Factor-23" during Summer 2021. 

The study will investigate if an increase in weight after a liver transplant leads to increased levels of FGF-23, subsequently altering vascular function, thus increasing the risk of CVD in these patients. The study will compare 10 patients who have had a liver transplant with 10 controlled patients who have not had a liver transplant.

Congratulations Dr. Kirkman and Linsey!

More information about the fellowship can be found from the American Physiological Society.