Spring 2020 VCU Baccalaureate Graduate Master's Opportunity

May 18, 2020

VCU offers a special opportunity for Spring 2020 VCU baccalaureate graduates to enroll in master's programs below at the same tuition cost or less than the undergraduate tuition. More information about the opportunity is available from the Graduate School at https://graduate.vcu.edu/student/bgmo.html.

The application deadline of our Master's program in Health and Movement Sciences is 8/10/2020. More information about admission to our Master's program is available at https://khs.vcu.edu/graduate/ms-in-health-and-movement-science/.

Additionally, the most complete description of course requirements for our Master's program is available at http://bulletin.vcu.edu/graduate/college-humanities-sciences/kinesiology-health-sciences/