M.S. in Health and Movement Sciences

This program provides advanced course work for students interested in the application of health and movement science principles to exercise science, teaching and sports medicine. Applicants planning to enter the teaching profession should hold a valid teaching endorsement. This program does not provide opportunities for initial licensure in health and physical education. The Health and Movement Sciences program of study offers a thesis and non-thesis option. Both options require a minimum of 36 total graduate credit hours for completion of the degree program. In the thesis option, students must complete HEMS 798 for six credit hours and 30 hours of prescribed course work. Students enrolling in this option will not be required to complete a comprehensive examination. In the non-thesis option, students must complete 36 hours of prescribed course work and must pass a comprehensive examination taken after the completion of the 30th hour of course work.

See the VCU Bulletin for the most complete description of course requirements: Program of study: Health and Movement Sciences


Graduate Program Director:

Dr. Ronald K. Evans