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Youngdeok Kim, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Associate Department Chair
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500 Academic Centre
1020 West Grace St.

Curriculum vitae

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2014 - Ph.D. Health and Human Performance (Kinesmetrics) - Middle Tennessee State University, TN.

2010 - M.S. Kinesiology (Kinesmetrics), Seoul National University, South Korea.

2007 - B.S. Kinesiology, Soonchunhyang University, South Korea.

Teaching Assignments

HPEX 358 - Introduction to Epidemiology

Research Interests

The overarching goal of my research is to study and better understand the dynamic nature of lifestyle behaviors, particularly physical activity and sedentary behaviors, and its impact on health in diverse population groups. In this regard, the scope of my research is broad and largely cross-disciplinary, addressing the key phases of the behavioral epidemiological framework: 1) Examining the links between behaviors and health; 2) Validating and refining methods for quantifying outcome variables of behaviors; 3) Identifying the contextual factors infleuncing behaviors; and 4) Developing and implementing an intervention. 

Select Publications

Kim, Y., & Umeda, M. (2019). Chronic pains, leisure-time physical activity, and all-cause mortality in US adults: NHANES 1999-2004 follow-up study. American Journal of Health Promotion, 30, 890117119854041. 

Kim, Y., Gonzales, J. U., & Reddy, PH. (2019). An Investigation of Short-Term Longitudinal Associations Between Handgrip Strength and Cardiovascular Disease Biomarkers Among Middle-Aged to Older Adults: A Project FRONTIER Study. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 29, 1-25. 

Kim, Y., & Lochbaum, M. (2018). Comparison of Polar Active Watch and waist- and writs-worn ActiGraph accelerometers for measuring children’s physical activity levels during unstructured afterschool programs. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 15(1), 2268. 

Kim, Y., Lumpkin, A., Lochbaum, M., Stegemeier, S., Kitten, K. (2018). Promoting physical activity using a wearable activity tracker in college students: A cluster randomized controlled trial. Journal of Sports Sciences, 36(16), 1889-1896. 

Kim, Y., Lee, J-M., Kim, J., Dhurandhar, E., Soliman, G., & Wehbi, N. K. (2017). Longitudinal associations between BMI, physical activity, and healthy diet: A parallel latent growth curve modeling approach. PloS ONE, 12(3), e0173986. 

Kim, Y., & Lochbaum, M. (2017). Objectively measured physical activity levels among ethnic minority children attending school-based afterschool programs in a high-poverty neighborhood. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, 16, 350-356. 

Kim, Y., Barreira, T. V., Kang, M. (2016). Concurrent associations of physical activity and screen-based sedentary behavior on obesity among US adolescents: A latent class analysis. Journal of Epidemiology, 26(3), 137-144. 

Kim, Y., Kang, M., Tacon, A., Morrow Jr, J. R. (2016). Longitudinal trajectories of physical activity in women using latent class growth analysis: The WIN study. Journal of Sport and Health Science, 5(4), 410-416.

Kim, Y., Umeda, M., Lochbaum, M., Stegemeier, S. (2016). Physical activity, screen-based sedentary behavior, and sleep duration in adolescents: Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 2011–2013. Preventing Chronic Disease, 13, 160245.

Kim, Y., Cho, J., Fuller, D. K., Kang, M. (2015). Correlates of physical activity among people with disabilities in South Korea: Multilevel modeling approach. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 12(7), 1031-1038.

Kim, Y., Welk, G. J., Braun, S. I., Kang, M. (2015). Extracting objective estimates of sedentary behavior from accelerometer data: Measurement considerations for surveillance and research applications. PloS ONE, 10(2), e0118078.

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Research Fellow - Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE) - America, 2018

Reviewer of the Year - Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science journal, 2016

Early Career Investigator Research Grant Award - SHAPE-American, 2015

Paffenbarger-Blair Fund for Epidemiological Research on Physical Activtiy - American College of Sports Medicine, 2015

National Doctoral Scholar Award - American Kinesiology Association, 2014

Graduate Student Writing Award - American Kinesiology Association, 2013

Grant Support (active and past)

Title: Development and evaluation of a theory-driven, wearable-technology facilitated intervention to promote adherence to home-based cardiac rehabilitation among underserved patients with heart failure: A pilot study (2022-2023)
VCU C. Kenneth and Dianne Wright Center for Clinical and Translational Research Endowment Fund
Principal Investigator

Title: The Children’s Cardiovascular Health and Early Stress Study (CCHESS) (2021-2022)
American Heart Association, Postdoctoral Fellowship
Co-Investigator (PI: Dr. Rodriguez-Miguelez at VCU)

Title: Adiposity Awareness Study: A randomized Controlled Trial to Increase Physical Activity in Normal Weight Obesity (2019-2020)
Agency: American Heart Association, Postdoctoral Fellowship
Role: Co-Investigator (PI: Dr. Wijayatunga at University of Mississippi)

Title: Examining social and ecological correlates of physical activity in rural elderly people (2019-2020)
Agency: Texas Tech University Scholarship Catalyst Program
Role: Principal Investigator

Title: Physical activity patterns and related health outcomes of Omani elementary children in the context of attending school (2017-2018)
Agency: Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center, Washington, DC.
Role: Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI: Dr. Lochbaum at Texas Tech University)

Title: Day-to-day reciprocal associations of sleep, physical activity, and sedentary behavior among adolescents: An autoregressive cross-lagged modeling approach (2015-2016).
Agency: American College of Sports Medicine - Paffenbarger-Blair Fund for Epidemiological Research on Physical Activity
Role: Principal Investigator

Title: Incorporating wearable technology into Physical Activity Instructional Program: A cluster randomized trial in University setting (2015-2016).
Agency: Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE-America) - Early Career Investigator Research Grant
Role: Principal Investigator

Title: Objective assessment of physical activity levels in ethnic minority children during school-based afterschool programs: East Lubbock Promised Neighborhoods Project (2015-2017).
Agency: The East Lubbock Promise Neighborhoods Grant awarded to Texas Tech University by the U.S. Department of Education (Co-PI: Dr. Lochbaum at Texas Tech University)
Role: Subcontracted Principal Investigator