Minor in Sport and Fitness Management

This minor provides a multidisciplinary introduction to the business management aspects of the sport and fitness industry.

When combined with the appropriate major, a minor in sport and fitness management can be useful to students planning careers in a broad range of professions in the sport and fitness industry. Furthermore, this minor can serve to prepare students for study at the graduate level in related professions and areas of study.

What You'll Learn

  • How to apply effective and safe fitness programming into a business model, including private, public and corporate settings
  • Fundamental principles in the core content areas of sport and fitness management
  • Skills in business, finance and marketing used for producing sport and fitness events from beginning to end (from marketing and media promotion, to budget and sales, to execution and post-event evaluation)
  • Ethics and professional obligations including diversity and global awareness
  • Legal and ethical requirements of sport and fitness management activities and programming


The minor will require a total of six courses from within two domains: fitness management and sport business. Students must take three courses from each domain to complete the minor.

Visit VCU Bulletin for full requirements and course offerings.