HPEX Clinical Experiences (Internships)

About Our Program

Designed as an integral part of each student’s professional preparation, our clinical experiences, or internships, contribute significantly to student development. These structured experiences are intended to provide opportunities for the student to apply theory, acquire professional skills, and develop as a young professional. In addition, the supervised clinical experiences provide each student with an opportunity to gain an appreciation for the diverse operations of their individual placement settings and allow for a gradual, smooth adjustment into the role of a practicing professional.

Our internship program offers students a total of 600 professional exerpience hours. 360 of these hours are of required through KHS core coursework, while the remaining 240 hours are optional. Each student has the opportunity to select from a setting in either the public, private, or commercial sector which corresponds to their degree concentration. These clinical experiences are considered a valuable supplement to classroom instruction and are an essential component of the entire professional education experience; preparing our students to be both professionally and clinically competent within their individual concentration’s scope of practice. The offered courses are listed as follows: HPEX 395, HPEX 495, and HPEX 496.

HPEX 395: Clinical Experience I

The goal of HPEX 395 is to explore personal values and career options while reflecting on observation hours under a qualified mentor in either Exercise or Health Science. This is the first course in the internship sequence completed by each student. It offers students the opportunity to become familiar with their new roles, responsibilities, and expectations as interns. Students complete assignments focused not only on the clinical components of professional practice, but also assignments which target certain administrative competencies expected of professionals. The first clinical experience begins with classroom instruction to introduce students to their new role as an intern. This is followed by a period of observation with an approved clinical site requiring a minimum of 100 contact hours that are completed during the semester.

HPEX 495 & 496: Clinical Experience II & III

The goal of HPEX 495 and 496 is to provide a focused experience further connecting students with professionals in the field to enrich their overall educational experience in Exercise or Health Science. These courses serve as the capstone to each student’s degree. Students enrolled in these courses have made more academic progress towards completing their degrees; thus both courses offer students a more “hands-on” experience unique to their individual degree track and scope. Students enrolled in both HPEX 495 and 496 also complete assignments focused on clinical and administrative components of professional practice. Students can enroll in both courses concurrently or during different semesters, completing a minimum of 480 or 240 contact hours (respectively) during the semester.

Finding More Information

Prior to each semester there are open informational meetings about each course in which a number of important topics are covered. Each student that plans on enrolling in one of the clinical experience courses should plan on attending the appropriate meeting the semester prior. There is also an informational, or organization, Blackboard page available for any student to join. The “HPEX Clinical Experience” page can be joined by: selecting the “Organization” tab in Blackboard; searching for the “HPEX Clinical Experience” page under the “Organization Search” bar; once up on the screen, students must click to enroll into the course; and finally once you are enrolled in the course, you will have access to all materials on the page.

There are multiple policies for each course and specific questions about the internship programs can be answered by information available on the Blackboard Organization page. Any remaining questions should be directed to our Internship Coordinator, Mr. Jeff Diritto.