Frequently Asked Questions About Registration

Q: If a HPEX course has a lab associated with it, am I required to enroll in the lab during the same semester that I enroll in the lecture?

A: Yes. All HPEX lecture courses that have labs associated with them must be taken concurrently in the same semester. In many cases the lab reinforces the concepts taught in the lecture and aids in the understanding of the lecture.

Q: If I enroll in a lecture course (i.e. HPEX 375) that has a lab associated with it, am I automatically enrolled in the lab (HPEZ 375)?

A: Yes and No. All HPEX courses that have labs associated with them are treated uniquely in that the student will not register for the lab through e-services similar to other courses. Instead, students choose which lab they prefer on the first day the lecture class meets. Lab section preference is given by the order of which the students registered for the lecture. Professors will then grant students an override into the lab section of their choosing and the student will add the course number to the add courses page of e-services to accept the override.

Q: Can I take HPEX 440 concurrently with HPEX 495 (300 hour internship)?

A: Yes. HPEX 440 is a corequisite for HPEX 495 meaning it must have been taken previously or taken concurrently with HPEX 495.

For more HPEX Internship information, visit the HPEX Internships webpage.