A REMS doctoral student has been awarded a research grant from the American College of Sports Medicine.

March 27, 2024

Jisu Kim (Advisor: Dr. Youngdeok Kim) is a 2nd-year doctoral student in the REMS (Rehabilitation and Movement Science) program, specializing in the exercise physiology track.

Jisu Kim
Jisu Kim

Jisu Kim has been awarded an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Foundation grant for her study "Association between rest-activity rhythm and frailty in the elderly: Exploring the role of social determinants of health."

Under the mentorship of Dr. Youngdeok Kim, Jisu will examine the rest-activity circadian rhythm as a potential predictor of a critical aging-related health problem, frailty, while exploring the role of social determinant factors throughout the ongoing research project, Healthy Aging Study, in the Physical Activity and Health Promotion laboratory. Jisu will receive co-mentoring by Dr. Daniel Kirkman in the KHS Department.

ACSM's Foundation grant program started in 1989 with one research initiative in basic and applied science and supports the mission of ACSM through educational, scientific, and charitable purposes.

Congratulations, Jisu and KHS faculty mentoring team!